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JamesGoode Associates Our Purpose WHAT WE DO CONTACT US JamesGoode Associates offers small to mid-sized organizations access to big-company sophistication and rigor. Our expert approach to human capital and organization effectiveness brings solutions that fit our clients. JamesGoode meets organizations where they are and helps propel them to where they want to be. We are driven by the belief that just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t think big.
What We Do

Challenges We Solve For Leaders

Strategy Development & Execution

An urban non-profit had concluded an extensive strategy re-fresh which would enable it to double in size. The challenge: the executive team needed to develop specific plans and targets that would result in year-over-year revenue growth to achieve the goals of the newly defined strategy...

Organization Assessment & Alignment

A non-profit financial services organization came out of a revenue crisis with a diminished staff, a shrunken client base and roles, goals and processes that needed transformation. The return to profitability would require...

Mergers & Acquisitions

A privately owned corporate design firm embarked on a growth by acquisition plan. Their latest acquisition target would double the size of the current firm...

Business Process & Workflow Design

An organization found itself bogged down by manual, duplicative and paper-intensive processes that delayed hiring, resulted in administrative errors and the loss of key talent . Employees and clients were frustrated by data delays and processing errors...

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

The CEO of a publicly traded firm was frustrated by the lack of teamwork and coordination on a talented executive team. To strengthen the CEO’s impact on the team and advance their ability to achieve their growth goals...

Talent Management

A talented executive was failing in role. The challenge: retaining a highly valued contributor while addressing the impact of poor performance...

How We Work

Our Process

how we do it

Often the programs, processes and practices that got you here, simply won’t get you where you want to go. We are advisors and force multipliers to your executive leadership team and your HR. function as you walk the pathway of growth and change. We won’t leave you with a PowerPoint and our best wishes. 

Who We Are

About Us

JamesGoode Associates applies our diverse backgrounds to your unique environment. We’ve been where you’re at. We can help you cut through the noise. We’re with you from issue identification to resolution, absolutely committed to your success.

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