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What We Do

Challenges We Solve For Leaders

Strategy Development & Execution

A national anti-hunger organization was at the beginning of developing a 5-year strategic plan. As a result of its prior activities, the organization had established itself as a national voice in addressing hunger in the US and globally. The new strategic plan was critical in defining this next more.

Organization Assessment & Alignment

A non-profit housing organization found itself at an inflection point. Its goal, to dramatically scale its impact, was hampered by staff turnover, low morale, a well-intentioned but misguided DEI effort and lack of definition of how it would execute to achieve its plan to transform the more.

Business Process & Workflow Design

A healthcare organization found itself in financial and operational trouble. The effects of the COVID pandemic as well as the changes in the US healthcare landscape resulted in declining revenues, staffing shortages and an increasingly poor patient care more.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

A financial services executive found themselves at a personal and professional decision point: what’s next. With a desire to build on prior experience and make a meaningful contribution to advance the sector they had worked in, the executive turned to JamesGoode Associates for individual coaching and professional more.

HR Outsourcing

A $1B Foundation needed expert HR support in developing a compensation plan that was consistent with the market and would enable it to retain and recruit the talent they needed. The prior system had proved inadequate to address the needs of current employees and was cumbersome to more.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

A housing organization believed that a diversity equity and inclusion strategy was key to its growth. Having completed most of the tasks in its previous diversity, equity and inclusion plan it was unsure of to how to proceed. Employees felt frustrated by a perceived lack of forward motion and the leadership more.

How We Work

Our Process

how we do it

Often the programs, processes and practices that got you here, simply won’t get you where you want to go. We are advisors and force multipliers to your executive leadership team and your HR. function as you walk the pathway of growth and change. We won’t leave you with a PowerPoint and our best wishes. 

Who We Are

About Us

JamesGoode Associates applies our diverse backgrounds to your unique environment. We’ve been where you’re at. We can help you cut through the noise. We’re with you from issue identification to resolution, absolutely committed to your success.

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